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Made in USA. Pillows 
Half Price $5.00-$12.50
Custom Design for BUNNYRABBIT.com
Made in USA.     100% cotton
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$7.50 $12.50
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$5.00  $9.00
Rabbit & Bunny Pillows
Why pay $15-$55 per charm?
75% Off Pandora-like
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 SALE Necklaces
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 SALE Bracelets
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Pandora-like Bracelet with Beads
Made in USA. Afghan
Custom Design for BUNNYRABBIT.com
Made in USA.     100% cotton
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Rabbit & Bunny Afghans & Quilts
Guess How Much I Love You
Embroidered Baby Bib
 50808-bib.jpg (68618 bytes)
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Afghans - Woven Afghans
New Lower Price on 
Discontinued Cage Tags!
2x3.5inch tag
SALE $.40
>50 $.36

SALE $.40  >50 $.36
Oasis Vita-Drop C - 2 oz  
1/2 Off Pins
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$ .99 Birthstone Pin
Made in the USA!
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Aromatherapy Bunny Slippers  #bunSlip
There's nothing better than squeezing into cute, cuddly bunny slippers on a cold night. Remove the insoles from these adorable slippers; heat them in the microwave and experience warmth and foot relaxation. Women Sizes: medium/large 8-11.
reg $30.00  SALE $25.00

Heatable Bear Hug Back Belt 
The Bear Hug is an innovation in “mobile heat therapy”. 
Allows for isolated treatment of the lower lumbar area with a Velcro enclosure.
$30.00 SALE $20.00

50% OFF!
SALE B-Air Power Dryer Blower
$199.00 SALE $99.00
BairFidoGrn.jpg (585904 bytes)BairFidoTurq.jpg (587932 bytes)bairFidoPink.jpg (24360 bytes)BairFidoPurp.jpg (584510 bytes)

SALE!!bairFidoAll.jpg (48344 bytes)
NEW B-Air Fido Power Dryer Blower
The B-Air Cesar Milan Fido Max 1 offers powerful drying capability in a lightweight, easy to carry size. Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic for durability, the Fido Max 1 weighs in at only 7.8 lbs. The two-speed motor is insulated for quiet operation. The high RPM on the turbine motor warms the air by approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit without a heating element. Rubberized feet keep the unit stable during operation. Removable filters are washable for easy cleaning and keep the unit free of pet hair and debris. The Fido Max 1 comes with a set of four nozzles. The slot nozzle is for long coated animals to prevent knotting while drying. The cone is used for the deepest drying and is great on very thick coated animals. The brush nozzle is designed for de-shedding the coat. The airflow nozzle allows more airflow for drying small animals and sensitive areas such as ears and face. This is a compact and light weight with a built-in handle, the Fido Max 1 can go anywhere. C-ETL-US Approved. Specifications: 2 HP, 115V motor 33,000 FPM 7.4 amps Two speeds 7.8 lbs 6 foot hose 165 CFM 10 foot cord.
Color: Lime Green, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple
Premium H Harness with Rhinestone

neck 9in-14in  girth 11in-18in

harnRhinestone-blue.jpg (62944 bytes)harnRhinestone-yellow.jpg (50567 bytes)harnRhinestone-pink.jpg (40632 bytes)harnRhinestone-purp.jpg (54569 bytes)
Back in Stock
- 12 oz electrolytes
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Coastal Evolution Pet Roller Comb
W6164.jpg (65109 bytes) Evolution Rotating Pins Medium Comb #co06164
$11.00 SALE $4.99
Discontinued! Limited Stock

Pins Rotate While Grooming - Untangles Pet's Coat - Removes Loose Hair
Rotating teeth/pins penetrate easily, going deep into the coat & undercoat 
to remove tangles & mats. Teeth/pins are rounded, so they are gentle to the skin.
click below for video demonstration rotating teeth comb, rotating pins comb
comb_rotating pins.jpg (15531 bytes)

1compt-folding.jpg (85935 bytes)1 Compartment Carrier 1compt-folding-folded.jpg (93807 bytes)
$24.00 Back in Stock SALE $9.99

1 Compartment Fold-Down Carrier with Handle
8in x 16in x 8in tall
Folded size only 9" x 16.5" x 1.65in - weighs only 3 pounds!
Great for keeping an extra carrier in your vehicle.  Low shipping cost!

Spring Dial Platform 20 lb. Scale SALE
scale20.jpg (68042 bytes)
Spring Dial Platform 6 lb. Scale SALE
scale6.jpg (61674 bytes)
DO26593-greyMat.jpg (430297 bytes)Plush Bunny Mat
Size approx. 11" x 19"
SALE $6.49
Bunny Mat (19"x11")

Help give your bunny a soft place to sleep!
Fits most popular kennel sizes 
Non-Skid bottom 
Machine washable 
Provides comfort and warmth
Bunny Necklace Genuine Stone - Hand Carved
color may vary from picture aprx 1 1/4" tall  on 28 inch cord
$8.00 SALE $5.00  
semi precious stones:Agate, Amethyst(not pictured), Aventurine, Blue Goldstone, Blue Quartz(cloudy w/grey), Cherry Quartz, Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, Dourmorite (Lapis), Fancy Jasper, Fluorite (picture on right), Goldstone, Hematite, Picture Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Tiger Eye, Turquoise Howlite, Unakite, White Howlite Opalized Glass(Opal or Moonstone)
fiber optic:  Blue, Medium Blue(pic on right) Green, Light Blue, Red(orange), Pink, Purple, White, Yellow

amethyst30mm1.jpg (213136 bytes)flourite_pendant.jpg (24690 bytes)FO-MDblue.jpg (44183 bytes)
44compt1lid.jpg (964931 bytes)
Compartment - 1 Lid Carrier-16x24 x11h
each compartment measures 6x16x9h - metal dividers

4 Compartment Carrier - 16in x 24in x 11in high

New Lixit Flip Top Water Bottle
lixFlipNew32.jpg (85187 bytes)

QUICK GROOM 8 oz fine mist spray bottle
Cleaner & Conditioner -
no rinse shampoo & whitener
Excellent for removing stains!
$10.00 SALE $6.00
quickGroomGreen8.jpg (139389 bytes)quickGroomGreen.jpg (216791 bytes)

flashCards.jpg (95414 bytes)
*NEW* Breed Flash Cards
Breed Flash Cards 49 flash cards
One for each breed recognized by the ARBA.
click here to order
Metal Feeder
no need to cut wire to attach to cage

nocut6-50.jpg (144927 bytes)
Metal Feeder 3 inch
no need to cut wire to attach to cage

nocut3-50.jpg (100778 bytes)

Brush, Comb, Nail Trimmer
nailtrim_ss.jpg (11657 bytes)

Harness,Tables, Beds, Chew Toys
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wabbitat_black.jpg (58870 bytes)Small Wabbitat  25x19
Now comes with 2 corner urine guards
Slider Pan with Recessed Floor
playpen_cover.jpg (53585 bytes)playpen_cover2.jpg (137719 bytes)
Exercise Pen and Cover/Mat
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Critical Care
benebac4.jpg (66073 bytes)
Benebac & Benebac 4 pak

goto issues 
2005 & 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 
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Paper Copies no longer Published!
Rabbits USA Magazine 

Rabbits USA Annual Magazine
Paper Copies no longer Published!
  2018 online only

Italian Charm Watch
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 Grooming Table Metal Legs fit all tables
Replace your Groom N Go Legs with these sturdy Metal Legs.  
Rubber Grips on all 4 corners!
Can be used with Wood Grooming Table Top or Groom N Go.
legs-metal.jpg (12139 bytes)leg-metal-groomNgo.jpg (203141 bytes)leg-metalWoodStorage.jpg (111326 bytes)
Fits All Tables!
Use with GroomNgo or Wooden Table Tops

NEW Lower Prices!
Vetericyn  Clean * Treat * Heal
Immediate Acting, One Step, Wound and Infection Treatment

vetericynEye.jpg (25217 bytes)

Good Bye-Odor urine deodorizer
Just add GoodBye Odor
to your pets food or water supply!

For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets & All Small Animals

byeOdor8.jpg (41662 bytes)
light weight 50/50 cotton/polyester or 100% cotton
T- Shirt

tshirt-blueRoyal.jpg (80308 bytes)tshirt-red.jpg (52225 bytes)Hare-Trigger-tshirt-ltblue.jpg (16045 bytes)
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