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2020 Breeding Calendar
prepared by Mallary Goldman diesel12@flash.net 
This calendar comes out of the Farmers Almanac. 
Farmers all over believe that breeding during the proper signs can help receptiveness, production and quality.
Each constellation, besides controlling certain parts of the body, 
has wet or dry tendencies, and barren or productive and 
masculine or feminine characteristics, as follows:

Aquarius--Airy, Dry, Barren Masculine
PISCES--Watery, Fruitful, Feminine
Aries--Fiery, Dry and Barren, Masculine
TAURUS--Earthy, Moist and Productive, Feminine
Gemini--Airy, Dry, Barren, Masculine
CANCER--Watery, Very Fruitful, Feminine
Leo--Fiery, Barren and Dry, Masculine
Virgo--Earthy, Dry or Barren, Feminine
LIBRA--Airy, Moist, Semi-Fruitful, Masculine
SCORPIO--Watery, Fruitful, Feminine
Sagittarius--Fiery, Dry, Barren, Masculine
CAPRICORN--Earthy, Moist, Semi-Productive, Feminine

List below provided courtesy of Nell Warren.


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