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Rabbit Video CD/DVD

Your First House Rabbit
Planning Your Bunny's Assisted Living
Knowing Your Rabbit's Routine
Encouraging Your Rabbit to Exercise
Shaping Your Rabbit's Space

Your First House Rabbit
By Marinell Harriman

A basic how-to and when-to of Rabbit care—which begins even before the rabbit goes home. Hands-on demonstrations in actual settings cover the following topics: Choosing a rabbit; Preparing the indoor home; Feeding and house training Exercising and socializing; If you have just adopted a rabbit companion, or expect to soon, Your First House Rabbit will be a welcome resource for immediate and continuing reference as your friendship develops.

CD/DVD Video run-time: 40 minutes 
Plus Booklet 
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Your First House Rabbit Video & Booklet $25.00

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goto House Rabbit Handbook

Assisted Living for Special Needs Bunnies
By Marinell Harriman #CD-assistedliving

Your veterinarian has determined that your bunny's injury or debilitating disease is long lasting or per-manent. Yet your bunny's attitude indicates a will to live, and you want to ensure her a high quality of life. .... This video covers an area where visual images explain much better than words how to administer day-to-day care on a long-term basis. 
Contents include: 
Creating a health plan: This shows a veterinary exam and guidelines for evaluating quality of life. 
Habitat setup: Various living arrangements are shown, with padding materials and furnishings that accomodate special needs. 
Feeding techniques: Several diet plans are shown, as well as disabled rabbits with typically hearty appetites. You can also watch the process of preparing a formula and syringe feeding a rabbit. 
Hygiene: Dry coat-cleaning, soap-and-water bathing, cleanser cleaning, fur trimming, skin care, and diaper-ing are detailed, as well as products and tools to use. 
Interaction: Bunnies themselves demonstrate interaction with toys and how well they respond to companionship.  run-time: 45 minutes

Planning Your Bunny’s Assisted Living
Video & Booklet $25.00

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Knowing Your Rabbit's Routines
By Marinell Harriman

When rabbit behavior is repeated on a daily schedule, it becomes a routine, This video shows several solitary routines, such as dancing and interacting with toys. Also— group-behavior schemes, such as following a leader in a single file, relay-racing with a carrot, and establishing hierarchies. But what are these habits really telling us?
This video shows how we can derive routines, from our bunnies' self-generated routines, that help us with their training. We can also use rabbit routines as health and happiness monitors that help us to provide better care for our bunnies and may even affect how long they live.  run-time: 10 minutes

$14.00 CD/DVD Video shipping weight .25 lb
Knowing Your Rabbit's Routines 

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