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Rabbit Toys - Mats & Huts
Bunny Tested!
You can improve the quality of your pet's life by providing your furry friend with a variety of playtime chews & life enhancing toys!
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Sleeping Pad, Playhouse, Mat, Bed, HideAWay Hut, Timali Chew Toys

Rabbit Approved!
Small Animals need daily challenges
& mental stimulation of toys.

Grooming Aids 1
Kevlar Sleeve
Groom Glove - Slick N Easy
Beds & Resting Mat
Foot Pad
Grooming Aids 2
Roller Combs
Power Dryer-Blower

Cage Cleaner Spray
Grooming Aids 3
Nail Trimmers
Kwik Stop Bleed
Litter Pans
WeeWee Pads
Bitter Apple
Grooming Aids 4
Shampoo - Cleaner
Spray Conditioner
Grooming TABLES
Rabbit Toys & Huts
Sleep Pad & Mats
Balls, Chew Toys, Tunnels
Bed, HideAHut, Nature Hut
Timali Toys

Marshall Peters
Woven Grass Mat
Natural Grass - Safe to Chew
11"x15"       #
Size approx. 11" x 15"
$7.50  sale $5.00

grassMat.jpg (64198 bytes)
Marshall Peters Premium Rabbit Products

Woven Grass Mat   11"x15"
Protects sensitive Paws from wire bottom cages.
Protects sensitive paws from wire bottomed cages
Natural Grass - Safe to Chew
100% natural grass and wicker

4 Colored Holey Balls
Made from hard plastic.-3 in diameter     #4holeBall
SALE $5.50

Holey Balls "3inch wide-Tough 1.25mm-thick PVC
Made from hard plastic.  They will keep your bunny amused for hours!

Premium Plus Deck
made of all natural wood
click here to purchase

wa01522-deck.jpg (360957 bytes)wa01522-deck2.jpg (260281 bytes)wa01522.jpg (41988 bytes)
Premium Plus Deck
Premium Plus Deck by Ware Mfg.a natural log foot saver, or foot guard for Clean Living and many other cages. Give your critters feet a rest from any wire floor cage, with a "Deck", may be used as an up and over ramp for "drop down" cage doors.  large 9 in w x 20 in long

Marshall Peters
Hide a Hut
9.25 inches wide     #
SALE $8.00

Marshall Peters Premium Rabbit Products

Woven Hide-a-Way Hut 9 inches wide
Made of natural grass Safe to chew Great place for your pet to hideaway & sleep the afternoon away Protects sensitive paws from wire bottom cages Can be used inside or outside of cage.  
measures: 9.25x7.25x5.75in H
Super Pet Rabbit Perfect Chew
 6 in tall  #sp61148
SALE $2.50
plus buy 12 get 10% off - $2.25ea

Super Pet Rabbit Perfect Chew perfect chew rabbit - 6.25" tall
Super Pet Rabbit Perfect Chew will provide hours of fun for your animal plus keep their gnawing habit happy. Made out of safe wood and sisal both come with metal ring to hang from the side or top of the cage to keep them clean.

NEW Pets International
Crinkle Tunnel
.5" diameter     #
SALE $10.00

sp62248-crinkletunnel-package.jpg (26961 bytes)
Crinkle Tunnel 
Crinkly crackly fun for everyone. The 23" long Crinkle Tunnel encourages exploration and tunneling activity. Made of durable cotton and polyester material. Attach to other crinkle tunnels and Fuzz-E-Funnels for even more fun. Encourages healthy play and exercise. Ideal for small rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, pet rats or other small animals. Available in 4 assorted fun colors. shipping weight 1 lb

NEW Ware
Large Fun Tunnel
8 inch diameter
expands to 30 inches long

wa03294FunTunnel.jpg (38650 bytes)
Fun Tunnel
Fun Tunnels by Ware, hours of fun for Bunnies, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rats, and other critters. Constructed of durable stain resistant plastic, unique accordion design save storage space. Fun Tunnels unique design allows them to be formed and flexed at will.  shipping weight 3 LB

Marshall Peters
Play Grass Ball
5" diameter     #
SALE $5.50
6 or more $
4.95 each

GrassBall.jpg (82480 bytes)
Marshall Peters Premium Rabbit Products

Woven Grass Play Ball   5" diameter
Woven Grass Play Ball for Rabbits and most small animals.
Natural Grass - Safe to Chew
100% natural grass and wicker
Hours of Fun - Your Rabbit Will Love It!
Bunny Sleeping Pad #SleepPad
Size approx. 12" x 20"
Bunny Sleeping Pad (21"x12")

Help prevent sore feet and give your bunny a soft place to sleep!
The rabbit sleeping pad was designed to be a washable surface for your bunny to sleep and rest on. We have personally seen the pain that sore hocks can cause. But, only two weeks after using one of our Bunny Sleeping Pads,  the sore hocks almost disappear! Each pad is completely washable and reversible.
(material may vary from picture)
Pads measure 21 inch by 12 inch

NEW Ware
Multi Mat Folding Grass Mat XL
multi purpose folding mat
Size approx. 8" x 16.5"

wa03868xlmultimat.jpg (55497 bytes)
Multi Mat Folding Grass Mat XL
This multi purpose all natural, edible woven grass mat
may be used as a foot saver or folded into a hide. 
Size: 16.5'x 8"

  From: Pamela [] Subject: my shipment 
Dear I want to thank you for my goodies. My Rabbit is in Bliss and absolute Joy. Sterling Loves the castle house and defends that log tunnel. I just would love to send you a video of the bunny having sooooo much fun playing.. but I have not taken one yet any way... Just had to tell you though what a hit it all is.. On the ramps we added strips of corregated cardboard so the baby could easily climb up and down. Pamela Roberts-Aue

Discontinued Limited Stock Marshall Peter's
Woven Grass Bed #grassBed
Size approx. 10" x 10"


GrassBed-RGP530.jpg (86093 bytes)bunny bed
Grass Rabbit Bed
10"L x 10"W x 4"H
Woven Pet Bed is made of safe to chew, natural woven grass that 
protects sensitive paws from wire bottom cages and 
can be used inside or outside of the cage.  A perfect snuggling spot for
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas and Pet Rats.

Wire Hay Ball with Bell
inches diameter   #wa00713
$5.00 SALE $4.00

Nutrition and fun rolled into one. 
Just fill the Hay Ball with hay or fresh vegetable treats and hang it from the top of the cage. Eliminates wasted and soiled foods and treats.
For rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and similar sized pets. Chew proof powder-coated metal design. Approximately 4" diameter with a 3-1/2" long chain and 1-1/4" diameter bell. Manufacturer ships this product in assorted colors, so actual color of product may differ from image.

NEW Ware
Nutty Stick Ball
natural willow ball with nut inside

wa03065-nuttyStickBall.jpg (34742 bytes)
Nutty Stick Ball natural willow ball with nut inside
Nutty Stick Ball by Ware Mfg., keeping your critters stimulated is very important so they can display their natural curiosity. All small critters such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc. need to chew. This toy can be placed inside a cage or hutch and your critters will get busy with their teeth, chewing through the natural willow ball to get to the nut inside.

NEW Ware
Large Nature Hut
made of all natural plant fibers & grasses

wa03843LGnatureHut.jpg (8287 bytes)
Large Nature Hut
Nature Huts - Edible Hideouts by Ware. 
Nature Huts are crafted of natural fibers and grasses, totally safe for your critters chewing enjoyment. 
A safe secure hide and midnight snack in one. large 11 in w x 8 in tall

Super Pet  #SP61917
Rollin' the Hay
reg $10.00
SALE $8.00

hay_rollin.jpg (4422 bytes)
Rollin' the Hay  Hay Rack 10% discount on 10 or more
From: Mary Hammond Sent: 7/21/07 To:
Subject: Rollin Hay Rack    These are really great.
Got the first two today and the rabbits are pumped!!!!
Rollin' the Hay is nutrition and fun rolled into one! This spectacular spinning hay holder can be used three ways: hang from any wire cage, set on the floor with the included stand, or for a ball of fun, place anywhere in your pet's environment.
Pets love to play while eating healthy hay!  
approx.5.5" long   shipping weight 4 lb.

Super Pet
Flip N Toss
Sisel Rope Carrot
6 inches long   #SP62052
new lower price $3.00
sp62052_FlipNToss.jpg (19347 bytes)

tshirt-purpleBunnies.jpg (28710 bytes)
Tshirts & Posters
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